Things to see and do in:
Basque Country

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  • Shopping
    • Public Marketplace (Merkatu Plaza) (2 km) - Open Monday to Saturday,
    • Eroski supermarket (1.5 km) - Open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Saturday, free parking, complete range of products. The same complex also has many specialized shops (ATM, phone products, hardware, deli, wine merchant, etc.)
    • Biyona Janaridenda (1 km) - Nearest shop to flat, opens early on Sundays, great place to pick up a few necessary items or just get the day's bread and paper.
    • Essus Surf (2 km) - Great place to grab some gear, rent a board or book some lessons.
  • Food and Drink - These are all places that we have sampled ourselves and can wholeheartedly recommend. It is by no means a comprehensive list - you'd be hard pressed to find a disappointing establishment anywhere in town.
    • Talai-Berri Txakolina (1 km) - Just follow Talaimendi Bidea uphill from the flat and you'll find yourself at one of the area's premiere wineries. Book a tour and see what all the fuss is about!
    • Bordatxo (2 km) - This is the least pretentious restaurante you'll ever find that comes with its own fan club. We still haven't seen that Michelin star, but this is a great place for home-style cooking with local atmosphere. Don't forget to save some room for tiramisu for dessert!
    • Charly Restaurante (2 km) - You'd be surprised at how easy it is to find a quality affordable meal on the beachfront. There are many to choose from; this is the one that I generally frequent.
    • Marina Txiki (2 km) - Great place to have a vermouth on the rocks between a surf session and lunch. Or come in the evening for a pintxo, curated music and a pull from the tap.
    • Udaberri (2 km) - Great food brought to your table at budget prices.
    • Izeta Sagardotegia (6 km) - a great example of the legendary Gipuzkoa ciderhouses. It's up in the hills outside of town so you'll need a designated driver or taxi. The car will come in handy for the case of cider that you'll want to bring back with you as well. Txotx!
    • Or do a pintxo crawl - rather than settling into a single bar, order your favorite tipple, select a pintxo from the bar, then move on to the next one!
  • The Great Outdoors

This is the briefest of collections of things to do in the area.
Please e-mail me if you have any questions or if you are looking for recommendations beyond what you see here. I'm happy to help! likewise, I am open to any suggestions you may have for inclusion in the above list.